Oh, oh, is this on the way? Bagging — from Britain with evil

“Mr Aihie was detained by British Transport Police at London Bridge station after he allegedly became aggressive towards officers when they intervened during an argument with his girlfriend” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3714474/I-got-pounced-Burly-police-pinned-black-man-20-floor-putting-MASK-face-arresting-horrified-girlfriend-couple-rowed-London-station.html#ixzz4KuUBv9cg

Open air prison policing.  It started with ‘broken glass’ and then ‘stop and frisk’ and soon . . .  It seems the .01%ers have no intention of restarting an economy that would serve the majority.  Brutality and humiliation are their intention.

UK police will soon start bagging people’s heads during arrests

Police officers pin black man to ground and put mask on him in front of horrified girlfriend