Is the unworked murder crime scene the signature of a police assassination squad?

I mean they wouldn’t want to preserve the evidence of their guilt, right?  Destroying the evidence would be the felonies of tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice.  These charges might be easier to prove than murder, so that could be one reason to leave a crime scene untouched.  Of course rogue cops would go ahead and hide the evidence, there’d be both shooters and a clean up crew – can’t leave shell casings lying around now.  So this means the crews weren’t rogue, weren’t bad apples but rather that the police departments, in question, were themselves criminal.

Here the crime scene was left untouched and unsealed.  State’s Attorney Hanrahan claimed it was a shootout.  If true, forensics would have proved that.  All the shots but one were from the outside in (the one outgoing shot was from Mark Clark, who was also killed, at the front door).  Fred himself was already heavily sedated and couldn’t be woken up (inside enemy apparently).  He was shot in his sleep.  Fred Hampton’s friends and Panther comrades did the scientific evidence collection themselves.

It seems activists need to train themselves in crime scene evidence collection.

Activists point fingers at police over suspicious death of Ferguson protester Darren Seals

Local St Louis activist Heather De Mian said she was disturbed by finding various pieces of debris and what appeared to be shell casings left behind by police investigators from the vehicle where Seals had been found.

“The memorial is constructed on top of his car door, which the police just left there,” De Mian said, the Washington Post  reports. “You would think the car door would be important evidence, that there might be fingerprints, you know. The police just left it there.”

Some accounts (main stream media reports) state Darren Seals actually died from being burnt alive not from the gun shots.  That would make the killers psycho killers, the way I look at it.  Some five or so Ferguson activists have been found dead in burning cars.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, anything to elaborate?  I would welcome being proven wrong.







“‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ . . . was ‘built on a lie'” — so they say

According to the Washington Post and Jonathan Capehart.  You don’t say.  Did I miss the public trial?  Was there a public inquest?

Instantaneous eyewitnesses in Ferguson in real time:


It’s not surprising the forces of evil would try to impeach this rallying cry.  It interferes with the 1%er, elite owned media’s information warfare against the American people.  Can’t have the proles getting all stirred up now can we?

Here’s the Washington Post’s Fact Checker worshipping at the feet of the accessory after the fact prosecutor, Bob McCulloch and the Justice Departments’ private inquiry.