Where I’d like this blog to go

Like any blog writer I’d be delighted to convert writing this into my livelihood.  That’s hard to do of course.  If I had the freedom (time and money, modest amount) I could publish three or so researched, thought out posts a week, plus supporting the blog in social media.  More support could enable me to add interviews and podcasting.

Areas for this blog to explore:

  • a detailed look at police training focusing particularly on the simulations — is it designed to terrify the officers and further desensitize them?;
  • what’s the police core mission (not the written one, the actual one)? — obviously not to serve and protect the citizens;
  • what’s the story with police unions?  Why do they often become criminals’ unions?  The postal employee unions don’t openly defend their criminals, such as those mailmen who throw away mail.  I’m sure they want their accused members to have their day in court with fair play, due process and rules of evidence — but they don’t become obstreperous in their ‘defense of members’.  Is Civil Service an alternative to unions?
  • Is the treatment of African Americans a rehearsal for how the .01%ers wish to treat all citizens (actually that would be subjects, not citizens)?
  • Other tie-ins with Occupy.

As a parallel effort I will also be seeking crowdfunding to mount a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) campaign on the NYPD use/misuse of of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test.  Are they really seeking violent, unempathic individuals as cops (https://keepcopsnormal.org/2015/03/09/the-eric-garner-murder-nypd-stop-hiring-psycho-ward-cops/)?  Another FOIL subject could be the NYPD databases.

Perhaps at some point KeepCopsNormal could become a national FOIL organization.  But that would take massive funding.

Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neill should seize the opportunity to change the NYPD culture

We have a new police commissioner in NYC, James O’Neill – a native New Yorker (which is always nice), a seasoned professional, not a psychopath, and seemingly still in touch with his own humanity.  These are all good things.  Could he change certain negative aspects of the NYPD culture?

Firing the murderer Pantaleo would be a great shout out to the citizens of New York.  Then he should fire John Miller (and probably all his hires) and Jonathan David (the head of the NYPD legal bureau and chief blocker of Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests of the NYPD, which he treats with utter contempt.  He’s held this position through administrations.).

Internal cultures can only be changed by finding the internal pillars of that culture and exiting them from the organization.  Character can’t be changed but consequences for behavior can, and that’s good enough.

This contempt of the law by too many in the department has got to go.  They need to be bound by the laws and the constitution.  Every officer involved in stop and frisks knows they are unconstitutional (judicial rulings unnecessary), so naturally they think they are above the law, or even wardens in an open air prison.  The same with the FOIL process, transparency and legality is considered a joke by too many.

Some changes would have to come from the mayor of course, I’d suggest requiring all officers to sign a waiver of the right to lie in court under oath (Briscoe v. Lahue) as a necessity for employment.

Our new commissioner is in the honeymoon period with the citizens of New York.  We all hope for the best.