“CCRB considering perjury charges for false police complaints”

The Civilian Complaint Review Board is sick of people lying about police misconduct — and wants to make complainants sign a document warning them that they could be hit with perjury charges for filing false claims, officials told The Post on Thursday.

Those who are caught fabricating accounts of police abuse could then be reported to the cops or a DA’s office for potential prosecution.  http://nypost.com/2015/03/13/ccrb-considering-perjury-charges-for-false-police-complaints/

Reporting false felonies is of course a crime and should be.  But how is the above to be decided?  If the complaint isn’t proved, is the complainant then prosecuted for perjury?  This is the system that turned Dorner from a man to a monster, when he couldn’t prove his complaint he was fired for perjury.  That’s not a justice system that’s a power system.

Failing to prove a complaint is simply not the same as proving the complaint a lie.  That would be turning law and justice on its head.  Not going to happen.